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Original Jones Model D63 Spare Parts

We only sell genuine vintage Jones spares, not modern reproductions. If you don't see what your after below please ask, we will probably have it.


To enquire about an item, please use the Contact Us form. We will then send you an email with cost, shipping, etc.

We have the following Jones parts available for this model

Balance Wheel  
Balance Wheel  Stop Motion 
Balance Wheel Clutch  
Bobbin Case 
Bobbin Winder (attached to Wheel Guard)  
Bobbin Winder Thread Guide 
Faceplate and 2 Screws 
Faceplate Thread Guide 
Feed Dogs with Screw 
Feed Dog Shift Linkage 
Feed Dogs Lever & Plate  
Hook Assembly
Motor Boss Screw 
Needle Clamp
Needle Bar Thread Guide 
Needle Plate and Screw 
Presser Bar (Complete) 
Presser Foot 
Presser Foot Lift Lever 
Presser Foot Screw
Rear Inspection Cover and Screw 
Rubber Cable Guide 
Spool pin 
Shuttle - sold out
Stitch Length plate with screws
Stitch Length Lever 
Take Up Lever with screw 
Thread Cutter 
Various Drive Shafts/Linkage/Arms Centre Screws
If you cannot find what your after, we may still have it, please ask via the contact us button below

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